We have come up with a wide range of Asphalt Mechanical Paver Finisher or Single Lever Operated Mechanical Paver, required for paving the hot mix fabric on the built surface. As the hot mix material is dumped from the truck into the paver hopper, it is then conducted to the circulating screw by chain transporter. Further, the hot mix material is circulated equally along the paving width, with the help of left & right screw. Then, this hot mix material is paved to the desired present thickness using floating screed.

Sr. No Description Hydropave – AP 450
1 Engine Power 76 HP @2000 RPM
2 Fuel Tank 70 Ltr
3 Hydraulic Oil Tank 100 ltr
4 Battery

12 Volts- 21 Plates (Heavy Duty)

5 Tyres

Front 2 Nos Solid
Rear 2 Nos (Pneumatic)

6 Brakes Disc Brakes
7 Steering Power (Hydraulic)
8 Hopper Capacity

4.25 MT

9 Main Transmission

Four Speed Gear Box
Dry Plate Friction Clutch

10 Conveyor & Auger Drives

Mechanical Gear Box
Dry Plate Friction Clutch

11 Conveyor Chain Augers

Asphalt: 46 Flat
Hardened Material

12 Vibratory Paving Screed

Hydraulic Extending Screed
Basic – 2.5 Mtr Ext. up to 4.5 Mtr

13 Screed Heating

Gas / Air Manual Burner

14 Paving Thickness 10 to 200mm
15 Crown -1 to +3
16 Travelling Speed

16 km/hr

17 Paving Capacity 10 TPH
18 Weight 10200 kg
19 Operating Panel Single Console
20 Optional

Telescopic Hydraulic Screed Basic: 2.5Mtr Ext. Up to 4.5Mtr
WMM Paving Chain 92 Flat

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